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    jak odzyskać chłopaka (Mittwoch, 25 Januar 2017)

    piekne uroczki

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    Camby Kar (Sonntag, 21 Juni 2015 04:31)

    I am honored to be a friend of Ferry Marwi, this great and unselfish gentleman. I met Ferry in 1960 in Teheran, in Madaen high school. I had returned from Germany to finish high school there, and did not have enough language skills to follow the twelve's grade curriculum in order to obtain my diploma. He volunteered to help me, by tutoring me almost daily, traveling clear accros town at his own expense, so I could succeed in obtaining my high school diploma. This opened the doors for my engineering education in Aachen, Germany.
    Without his help, it would have been very unlikely for me to succeed in getting a higher education. I love him dearly and owe him immensely for making it possible to succeed in life.